Are There Any Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia?

Image associéeGarcinia Cambogia is known to be one of the most popular ingredients in the weight loss supplements today. The market is flooded with the information about garcinia cambogia with brands praising the benefits of it. For us all there is always skepticism about the products we sue to be natural and free from side-effects. And so it is essential to know if there is a possibility of garcinia cambogia to be in any way harmful for us and if yes to what extent.

What are the garcinia cambogia side effects?

Garcinia cambogia is a natural fruity ingredient and is not found to be of any side effect to the consumer. Researchers have been constantly looking for the benefits and side effects of the ingredients of the wonder fruit but have been unable to find any element which could cause harm to any one on consumption.

The fruit has a compound named the hydroxycitric acid which triggers the weight loss process and is in controlled amounts to be of any harm to the consumer. It makes a change in the process of conversion of sugar and carbohydrates into fat and thus stops the body from storing excessive fat which would have triggered weight gain.

The fruit also suppresses one’s diet making them binge less on food and thus not get more calories than required for their activities. This also triggers the weight loss but has not been found of any side effects.

However, the consumption of processed tablets and supplements do not have complete garcinia cambogia but are mixed with a variety of ingredients to formulate them. The presence of other ingredients sometimes may react to the body and cause the following:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Digestive tract
  • Discomfort

Is garcinia cambogia recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women?

For the weight loss aid that there are a lot of pregnant women try to contemplate the use of the wonder compound for losing their post pregnancy weight. But the scientists and researchers have until now been unable to find the side-effect of it on the pregnant women. The compound is healthy but is somehow not the ideal thing to choose for women who are still breast feeding baby or are pregnant. For the safety of the child it is recommended that women who are on pregnancy do not consume the fruit garcinia cambogia or any supplement claiming to have it for weight loss effect.

What dose of garcinia cambogia is recommended for safety?

Most brands producing the weight loss supplements recommend the usage of supplements at least 3 times a day. But these supplements don’t even have 60% of the component content of garcinia cambogia. And hence the consumption of it is always to be done with consultation with the physician.

The dosage depends on the age, weight and several health conditions of the user. But it is recommended that no matter what dosage the doctor gives one should discontinue the use of the compound after 12 weeks as the long term side effects of the product is yet unknown.

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