Tea Tree Oil- Chemical Formulation And Possibilities Of Risks

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"When we think of home remedies for different diseases, we often include essential oils in our list. If you have essential oil at your home, you may start instant treatment of any condition. Some essential oils help you only with their strong aroma. However, tea tree oil may be applied to your skin, and like other essential oils, this oil is also quite useful for different medicinal purposes.

Tea tree oil- A detailed idea about its origin

Tea tree has its origin in Australia, and it is obtained from a small-sized plant (Melaleuca alternifolia), which has pointed leaves along with purple or yellowish blossoms. The size of the tree is almost twenty feet and it is generally found in some marshy regions. No matter whether the tree is chopped, it may grow once more, and the Aborigines make use of its oil for a variety of clinical purposes. During the Second World War, the sailors and soldiers utilized this oil in order to cure their wounds and infections. Nowadays, this oil is also applied to the creams, deodorants and soaps. The pure oil is slight spicy in nature and has some strong smell. Besides, it has also a slight watery stickiness.

Chemical substances found in the oil

According to the researchers, tea tree oil has different components, which are essential for medicinal purposes. The smell of this is much like camphor. The diverse chemical compositions in this oil include 8-cineole, terpinolene and terpinen-4-ol. These are the main elements, which are important to fight against the microbes and inflammation. 1.8-cineole may also be helpful to cure allergic reaction, and they are available in most of the products, manufactured in tea tree oil.

Risks related to the oil

Tea tree oil may show its toxic effect, only if it is swallowed. It has been reported that ingestion of this oil can lead to confusion, sleepiness, hallucinations, tiredness and also coma in serious cases. Besides, you have to keep the product away from kids and pets. In medical history, you may find few instances of such toxic results. If you have left your tea tree oil to light and air, it may oxidize some elements. This oxidized oil must never be utilized. Some individuals have possibility to have an allergic reaction while they apply tea tree oil. A test of this oil has also revealed that this product consists of chemical substances, which seem to be estrogenic, resulting in some issues of kids. Besides, the oil in undiluted condition may lead to hearing problems to animals.

So, try to avoid these risks, when you purchase tea tree oils. Use the oil for treating fungal condition, thrush and also cold sores. While your body gets affected with virus or bacteria, the oil improves the ability of your body to resist the microorganisms. Treatment of any condition becomes affordable, because when you have bought only one bottle of TTO, you may use it for diverse uses in different situations.

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